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Modilac Expert 1 Riz 800g

Modilac Expert 1 Riz 800g

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Modilac Expert 1 Riz 800g

Modilac 1 Riz fully satisfies the nutritional needs of the infant on milk, from birth to 6 months of age. Modilac 1 riz is made from rice proteins, which are partially hydrolysed in order to improve their digestibility and minimize allergic reactions. Modilac 1 riz is a food product for special medical uses that should be used on medical prescription, and it is suitable in the prevention of allergy outbreaks, for the treatment of allergies and intolerances to cow's milk proteins, for the treatment of allergy to soy in infants with CMPA, for feeding again after diarrhoea, for gastrointestinal disorders due to bad absorption and in vegetarian diets.

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