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Biafine Emulsion 93g

Biafine Emulsion 93g

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Biafine Emulsion

Description: Treating minor cuts, burns (including sunburns), and wounds; pressure sores; skin ulcers; skin graft or donor sites; or skin inflammation caused by radiation treatment. It may also be used for other skin conditions as determined by your doctor.

Biafine Emulsion is a wound dressing. It works by providing moisture for the healing process and protecting the healing wound from contamination.

Product size: 93g
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MY PROFILE From The Sunday Times April 15, 2007

A touch of the oh-la-las
Why do French women always look so chic? Helena Frith Powell uncovers their best-kept beauty secrets


Sylvie Tellier, a former Miss France who now runs the Miss France competition, uses Biafine as a face mask. This cream is traditionally used for minor burns and rashes, and every French mother has it in her medicine cabinet. “I love it,” she says. “It makes my skin glow and is really hydrating.”

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