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Balms Away The Balm Eye Make-Up Remover

Balms Away The Balm Eye Make-Up Remover

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Balms Away - The Balm Eye Make-Up Remover

Description: This retro-chic designed US cult product removes even waterproof mascara and strong lip stains easily with one application. Made with vitamins A, E & C with a blen of plant derived sterols and lipids, it contains antioxidants known to prevent free radicals from damaging the skin.

So easy to use you won't be tempted to drop into bed without taking your makeup off! 

How to use: Apply a dollop onto closed eye. Keep eye closed. Move product in circular motion allowing makeup to break up (30 seconds). Wipe away with soft tissue and see amazing results.

BlissLife Tip:  Forgetting to remove your makeup, ages the skin so don't forget to cleanse. 

Product size:  63.8g

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