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Weleda Baby Calendula Nappy Change Cream 75ml

Weleda Baby Calendula Nappy Change Cream 75ml

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Weleda Baby Calendula Nappy Change Cream
(Weleda Creme au Calendula contre l'erytheme fessier)

Description: A deep-nourishing and protective barrier cream that helps prevent soreness and reduce redness.  Calendula Nappy change Cream adds a protective and water-rsistant layer to the sin, to protect against the stinging moisture. The ingredients of lanolin, beeswax and zinc in the cream form a natural protective layer between your baby's delicate skin and the stinging moisture in the nappy.  Once the cream is applied, calendula and chamomile extracts can start to soothe the area. Calendula has a healing effect and chamomile reduces inflamation and calms the sin.
How to use: When you change your baby's nappy, you can clean your baby's bottom with a damp towel ot tissue with some Calendula Body Lotion on it. Afterwards, apply a large quantity of Calendula Nappy Change Cream and rub it in, so that you really create a protective layer between the sore bottom and the moisture.  Once the skin has calmed down you can switchto daily use of calendula Body lotin.
Ingredients: Calendual extract, chamomile extract, zinc oxide, alomond oil, seasame oil, beeswax, lanolin and water.

Awards & quotes: Mother & Baby Magazine Awards 2009 - Winner of Golde Award for Best Skincare Range. 

Celebrity Fans: Elizabeth Hurley (Model & actress), Elle MacPherson (Model) & Gwyneth Paltrow (Actress).

Product size: 75ml


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