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Frezyderm Nasal Ointment 15ml

Brand: Frezyderm

Product Code: 261046

Frezyderm Nasal Ointment 15mlDry nasal ointment for relieving nasal irritations and enhancing the nasal skins barrier. The ointment provides an alternative antimicrobial action that prevents the development of infections, reduces inflammation and res..

Frezyderm Prelactic Gel 50ml

Brand: Frezyderm

Product Code: 102899

Frezyderm Prelactic Gel 50mlThis gel regulates and restores the natural vaginal pH levels, while protecting and moisturising the vaginal flora. The gel is suitable for use during vaginitis, hormonal disorders, menstruation, after the long-term use of..

Frezyderm Prevenstria Protective Body Stretch Mark Cream 150ml

Brand: Frezyderm

Product Code: 102110

Frezyderm Prevenstria Protective Body Stretch Mark Cream 150mlProtect your skin against stretch marks during pregnancy, puberty and when sudden weight change occurs. Avocado extract hydrates the skin, while the other active ingredients reduce transde..

Frezyderm Proflamine Cream 40ml

Brand: Frezyderm

Product Code: 261015

Frezyderm Proflamine Cream 40mlThis cream provides skin regeneration following sun, heat or chemical burns, injury, and irritation and post cosmetic surgery. Its rich formula hydrates both the surface and the deeper layers of the skin, while strength..
£13.95 £15.50

Frezyderm Sea Side Dry Mist SPF 50+ 300ml

Brand: Frezyderm

Product Code: 222375

Frezyderm Sea Side Dry Mist SPF 50+ 300ml This sunscreen mist combines ease of use with very high protection. It is suitable for all ages and offers effective protection against ageing and free radicals caused by sun exposure and UVR. The spray ..

Frezyderm Sensitive Kids Magic Spray 150ml

Brand: Frezyderm

Product Code: 230066

Frezyderm Sensitive Kids Detangling spray 150mlKids Magic Spray easily detangles knotted hair, making combing easier and tear free! The scented lotion thoroughly moisturizes the hair and strengthens its elasticity while enhancing the normal skin flor..
£6.49 £8.50

Frezyderm Sensitive Kids Shampoo for Boys 200ml

Brand: Frezyderm

Product Code: 230011

Frezyderm Sensitive Kids for Boys 200mlThis shampoo is especially formulated to gently care for sensitive and irritated skin. It deeply cleanses the hair, protects the normal skin flora, enhances the microbiological barrier, while protecting the skin..
£9.49 £11.00
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